PhDCSG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to create a peer based mentoring and support platform for the STEM workforce of the world.

Why Stempeers? 

Going through the academic route for nearly 15 years, we realized, that the current academic training is broken even in the best of the institutes. We saw ourselves and our friends and colleagues, whom we deemed to be some of the smartest and best suffer through anxiety, depression, social isolation, unaware of the world outside the ivory tower, and realized that if nothing is done, a generation of some of the brightest workforce that could add value to the world development and growth in many ways would be wiped out.

We realized the best way to try to help solve this problem would be create an open discussion networking platform, where people can freely talk about their anxiety, seek help and support. We created a space where their voices can now be heard.

We also realized during this process that a lot in life depends on mentor, but finding right mentor or Guru is perhaps the most difficult aspects of life. A lot of the problems that plague current academic problems, we believe can be solved by providing good mentorship. So we developed a way to create peer based mentoring network where the community can now reach out to a huge pool of natural mentors who have gone through this route of self awareness and have become successful in whatever they pursued. However, our lot of mentors are also those who have severely failed, and knows exactly what would not work and why.

Its primary objectives are:


The organizations helps create a growing network of STEM scientists, that is involved in peer to peer mentoring and support.


The platform empowers the growing STEM workforce by creating awareness and providing resources to help develop sustainable career.


A lot about STEM career has to do with things that have much bigger social influence. The platform provides support to social well being of the STEM community, be it diversity, mental health, workplace abuse, etc.


The platform is a treasure trove of creative people. People who didn’t know they have more than what they think they have. Through various Stempeers creative platform we bring the best out of them so that they can have an independent, sustainable and fulfilling career or venture of their own.


We crowdsource information ranging from cutting edge science and technology, to career development resources, to entrepreneurial journeys to opportunities to work life balance, to policies that affects the world and help spread awareness and education.