Stempeers.org  is dedicated to creating a peer-based mentoring and support platform for the STEM workforce of the world. Stempeers fosters initiatives from his members with a wide range of activities, from science communication to career development to consultancy to social and for-profit entrepreneurship.

To create a one-stop platform that can serve as an awareness platform for STEM PhDs about STEM education, careers, leadership, policy, ethics, work-life balance, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and more.

Over the years we have developed several platforms like ClubSciwri, The Science Times, Stempeers newsletters that have become leaders on their way to promote science education. The goal is to reach to those sections of the society who do not have access to what most of us have, harnessing the talent and leadership skills of our vast network of PHDs in the organization.

According to (UN) One in five people in the world lives on less than $1.90 a day, manifesting into hunger and malnutrition, lack of education and support unthinkable by some of us who escaped because of sheer “chance.” According to UN, by 2050 one in four people will live in a country with a chronic or recurring shortage of water. Not to mention, we are still struggling to find the means of developing a sustainable source of affordable energy. With many earning less than 2 dollars a day, innovating quality jobs that can help erode poverty remains a challenge.

We are bringing academic scientists out of the labs to translate their knowledge to solve real-world issues. This will be our contribution to help leave a sustainable world for the next generation. Reach out to us if you want to contribute here.

We are an organization which is supported by a huge network of leaders and volunteers. If you want to join us, write to us here.

Just drop in a line about you and a statement on why you want to join the network and how you want to contribute to the cause.

Yes, all you need to do is write to us about why you are looking for mentorship and send us your resume/CV here.

We have developed a vast amount of resources in STEM education, Policy, ethics in science, entrepreneurship. You are free to use any of the resources available on the website. If you need anything specific, write to us here. Want us to visit your school or college? Contact us here.

We are a nonprofit organization that is currently being funded by generous donations from our network and community.

Just send us your CV/Resume and a brief statement on why you want to join the volunteering team and what interests you here.

We have a community of 11000 STEM PhDs and growing, with 100 members that get added every week based on a referral. We do multiple events and have a decent social media presence. If you like our initiatives and want to know more about sponsoring our events and platforms, write to us here.