PhD Career Support Group

CSG is a registered nonprofit in the U.S. that aims to connect highly talented STEM researchers on one platform. CSG runs widely via its Facebook platform with nearly 11,000+ members who are doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from 100+ top-rated universities around the world, research scientists from top global pharmaceutical companies, or those who are pursuing careers in technology commercialization, intellectual property, science policy, consultancy and project management, or those who are establishing their own startups in India, US, or Europe.

Club SciWri

Club SciWri ( is CGS’s  online magazine founded  by Abhinav Dey (Emory University) and Ananda Ghosh (New York University). An important aim of Club SciWri is to help STEM professionals achieve visibility for their scientific endeavors through blogging in social media. Club SciWri provides  them a unique online platform.The magazine is organized into sections including the life of a PhD student in a lab, running a healthcare business, careers in intellectual property and science policy, career stories in science communication, and career advice in science graphics. Club SciWri boasts an exceptional team of graphic designers and illustrators. Every blog published on Club SciWri is overseen by in-house editors and illustrators.

CSG Consultancy Club

The club connects future consultants across borders. With an estimated global market value of $250 billion, the consulting industry is growing at a fast pace across multiple sectors and is constantly in dire need of exceptional analysts and managers. The STEM PhDs acquire great skills during their graduate study that are highly relevant for this industry including hypothesis-driven research, problem-solving and data management but lack certain skills to get into the business. The Club was formed to introduce the ‘analytical’ and ‘business’ skills to the PhDs interested in consulting careers. Case studies, virtual discussions, and informational interviews with consultants involved in solving the ‘real-world’ cases are done in small groups with members spread across the continents. They are also acquainted to the consulting world through virtual discussion and informational interviews with consultants and involved in solving the ‘real-world’ cases. The goal of the club is to connect future consultants early on and use this network to solve challenging issues at a global scale.

The Stempeers Weeklies

The Stempeers Weeklies is the official newsletter offering the latest from  the world of STEM besides providing weekly updates from the Stempeers resource portal. Started as a small team of 4 in March 2017, presently we are a team of 4 main writers and 4 interns delivering news to 600+ subscribers across the world. We are constantly evolving and our aim is to bring breaking news in SciTech to professionals and enthusiasts. We have more than doubled our subscription since in  a year.

We provide a creative space for budding researchers to design, discuss and deliver a newsletter connecting diverse nodes in scientific research. The Interns keep an eye out for the latest breakthroughs in science to be delivered in a succinct format. The editors design newsletter templates, organize content, with the sole aim to be brief yet wholesome. In the newsletter team, one learns to market, study analytics of readership and KISS (short and simple J) while building networks with potential collaborators and employers.

Starting from a meager 250 subscribers, providing busy folks, a platform providing rapid news aiding their research or provide solutions if looking at alternative careers. Our weekly focus on specific alternative careers and resource materials has been a hit among subscribers while our job portal helps one stay updated every week for newer opportunities. With the Stempeers website coming up, we aim to diversify into our own brand, bringing exclusive interviews and contributions from entrepreneurs, Sci-policy makers and researchers. We intend the newsletter to be a resource platform for science enthusiasts and especially students the world over. We will have an exclusive space for a bi-weekly podcast featuring some of the best innovations in STEM.

Till then, Keep Calm and Subscribe! J

CSG Science Times

The Science Times (@thesciencetimes) is the  CSG Instagram initiative that was launched in 2017. It is a collaborative science communication platform on Instagram run by STEM PhDs.  Through the visual medium, the page features STEM news and breakthroughs, collaborations with other scientists, science art and illustrations, science book reviews, organizations that focus on sustainability, and also features the faces behind the science. The page aims to communicate science to all audiences.


CSG Gurukool (the word originates from “Gurukula” in Sanskrit, which means a residential schooling system where the “shisya” or the students live with the “Guru” or mentor establishing a sacred “Guru-Shishya” or mentor-mentee relationship. The group helps with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn tailoring, and provides one-on-one advice/mentoring with PhDs who have successfully transitioned to STEM careers. Suggestions on contracts, negotiation skills, interview skills, and post job mentoring are also provided by the mentors.

CSG Coffee Chats

These are CSG members’ monthly networking meetings in the cities like New York City, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, and Bangalore, where the  members in these cities get to interact with industry representatives who have established STEM careers. These coffee chats are meant to make networking easier and friendlier. If you want to attend, or initiate one in your locality or connect with existing coffee chats, connect with us here:

STEMpeers (USA)

STEM Peers is  PhD CSG’s annual career development symposium. It serves as peer to peer networking event for PhDs and Postdocs (this forms our core principle on which CSG was founded) in the United States. Through this networking event, we aim to help STEM graduates make connections and receive mentoring from experienced STEM professionals with diverse backgrounds. We organized our first edition of this event in Boston last year ( We had more than 120 early- and mid-career scientists participate in this event that included keynote session by Melina Fan (Founder, Addgene), several panelists on diverse STEM careers, followed by career counseling and networking sessions by mentors and participants. The meeting was well received and appreciated ( For the 2018 event we have chosen New York., New York harbors some of America’s top-notch schools with a huge community of incredibly talented PhDs and Postdocs. We have partnered with Inet NYC for this year  to promote STEM Peers to schools in the NYC area and.

STEMPeers (EU)

EuroSTEMPeers is PhD CSG’s annual networking event for STEM professionals in Europe. This event serves as an excellent platform for PhDs and postdocs to connect with experts from diverse fields. Besides that, the platform provides an excellent opportunity for the academic innovators to meet potential investors. The first event was organized in April 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic. This event was a joint effort between PhD CSG and CEITEC-MU, a research institute approved by the European Commission. This meeting was attended by nearly 90 participants and included talks by selected speakers from USA, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. The networking breaks and panel discussion on ‘Emerging job market for STEM PhDs in Europe’ were tremendously engaging and informative. The next meeting is being planned in collaboration with SPARK Berlin (, an academic mentorship program under Berlin Institute of Health (BIH).

CSG Ambassador Program

The CSG Ambassador Initiative seeks to grow CSG interactions with universities and institutions through enthusiastic scientists and active members in their community. CSG ambassadors get a rich management/organization experience and master their leadership skills. As a local point of contact, ambassadors welcome new arrivals, and share their network and opportunities in their own institution. As they grow and expand as leaders, they organize events, and develop partnership with industry, and non-profit organizations.