Abhinav (Abhi) is the co-founder of the PhD Career Support Group (CSG). He initiated and co-founded Club SciWri (CSG’s first peer-sourced initiative) in January, 2016, which has presented the stories of STEM professionals crafting science, business, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, communication, art and almost anything defines the nuances of STEM careers. He also  co-initiated CSG’s first annual conference, STEM Peers (Boston, 2017) which has served as a confluence point for one-to-one networking of CSG members.

Abhi graduated from the Molecular Biophysics Unit of IISc (Bangalore, India) in 2011. As a Biomedical Scientist, he has worked with all three life-forms in his 13-year research career, viz., particulate, unicellular and multicellular. He is currently an Assistant Scientist at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) studying mechanisms of tumor recurrence in kids with brain tumors. As a postdoctoral fellow, he was the recipient of two Young Investigator Awards from Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation (Philadelphia, PA) and Rockland Immunochemicals. His current research has been funded by Northwestern Mutual Foundation (Milwaukee, WI), CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation (Atlanta, GA) and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR).  When he is not on the bench you will find him spending time with his family or exploring the world through traveling and blogging.

Meenakshi Prabhune, a science writer & journalist, is the Editor-in-Chief of Stempeers blog. She has written for various publications including Biotechniques News, Science News for Students, Nature blogs, and Science Careers. She runs the blog and educational web content at Synthego, a genome engineering company. Follow Meenakshi on Twitter (@minu_pr) for her latest updates.

Adwait Godbole is a postdoctoral research associate in The Scripps Research Institute where he is involved in identifying and characterizing small molecule modulators of aging. He completed his PhD from Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India where he worked on the functional characterization of topoisomerase I, an essential enzyme from Mycobacterium tuberculosis as well as the identification and characterization of mechanism of action of the first set of small molecule inhibitors against this essential enzyme. The work received media coverage through The Hindu and The Indian Express. He is interested in research that goes from bench-side to bed-side. When he is not at the bench, he enjoys nurturing his love for the written word and his newfound fascination for vinyl records by visiting thrift stores and garage sales while trying hard not to splurge on them.

Dr. Supreet Agarwal is a cancer biologist with diverse background in clinical pharmaceutical sciences, stem cells, cancer therapeutics and data analytics. He is a senior postdoctoral fellow at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland where he is involved in finding novel treatments for prostate cancer using 3D organoid cultures. Apart from the scientific work, Dr. Agarwal enjoys mentoring young scientist and has mentored several PhD students and undergrad students.

Ananda founded realizing dearth of mentorship and platforms dedicated to social and career issues for the growing STEM workforce. He currently works as a Technology Marketing Associate at the NYU’s Technology Ventures and Partnerships (TVP) working at the interface of biomedical research and business development. At TVP, he helps transfer cutting-edge technologies to healthcare companies and consumers. In his spare time, he manages a New York based South Asian music band called Imon and spend time either jamming or performing in and around New York. A proud dad now he loves life as it is.

Anindita Sarkar is a Neuroscience Research Associate at Salk Institute, CA. Her work has been published in Cell Stem Cell, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron among others and has attracted significant media attention. She is also an award winning photographer and a co-founder of AnK Photography.

Gaurav is a biomaterials expert and currently a postdoctoral fellow at Chapman University where he works on industry sponsored research on slime-based biomaterials to develop technology to improve consumer paper products.  He is also a co-founder of First Dive Consulting, a consulting arm of PhD CSG where his team works with biotech startups in strategic decision-making. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is actively interested in pursuing his career in consulting industry.

Gaurav Jain PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow,

Chapman University

Orange California

Kashyap N.Krishnasamy completed his PhD from Hannover (Hannover Medical School), Germany where the primary focus of his work involved studying the cross talk between endothelial cells and myeloid cells in the context of vascular regeneration. After publishing his work in some prestigious journals during this post-doctoral stint, he re-located to India to explore opportunities in the field of translational medicine and the possibility of establishing a start-up of his own in the near future.

He is passionate about scientific communication and believes that a strong foundation in science education in schools is essential for a better tomorrow. As the lead editor of the Newsletter of CSG, the platform excites him as it affords him the opportunity to interact with a myriad of personalities; from sci-policy makers to start-up enthusiasts.

Besides work, he is passionate about sports and helped found the Hannover Cricket Club in Germany, which now plays in the National league. Besides cricket, he enjoys cross-country cycling, badminton and adventure sports. As a madcap musician, he enjoys creating soundscapes with electronic softwares much to the dismay of the purists.

He can be reached at and welcomes an opportunity to try a ‘crazy idea’ or anything out-of-the-box!

Kirti Mittal is a post-doctoral researcher at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. She is a Human geneticist by trade and an expert in large scale data analysis and visualization. As a chair to the post-doctoral advisory committee at the Research Institute, she serves ~300 postdocs, creating and building career development opportunities. She is the coordinator for STEMPEERS in Canada and is actively involved in creating resources for PhDs career building and networking. She loves to interact with budding scientists, ranging from high school to PhDs and leverage research and relationships to design, promote and deliver skill based learning. In her free hours, she like to enjoy the snow and ice in super cold Canadian winters.

Koustav Maity is a Structural Biologist and Biochemist at the University of California, San Diego. He received his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and now studies the structures of membrane transporters and ion channels.  He is the co-founder of AnK Photography. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Outdoor photographer magazine, among others.

Louise Lassalle is a biochemist. She is currently a postdoc researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, California and working on photosynthesis using new structural biology techniques to get time-resolved data. Parallel to her scientific work, she is leading a postdoc association providing social events and career development opportunities for 500+ postdocs.

Mayur Vadhvani completed his PhD in neuroscience from the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine at Göttingen and is currently pursuing his postdoc from the Charité Medical University, Berlin understanding the signaling mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorders. Being a problem solver and an firm believer of the power of networking, he enjoys bringing people together for innovative solutions to complex problems across multiple domains.

He is a co-founder of First Dive Consulting and the PhD CSG Consulting Club, the consulting arms of the PhD CSG group aimed at identifying key personnel and tasks for strategic growth of life science-based startups. At Charité, he is also working with several teams organizing networking events and Career Development Seminars to educate the young STEM PhD students of the vast career opportunities ahead of them. In his leisure time, he enjoys traveling and capturing moments with his lenses.

Dr. Nikhil Gupta is an academician and entrepreneur, with a keen interest in transitioning laboratory inventions to commercial landscape for the benefit of mankind. He is an Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the New York University. He is also serving as the Chief Technology Officer of a startup company 3DPSecurity, Inc., which was founded in 2016 to develop cybersecurity tools for additive manufacturing industry and is now funded by NIH. He is an inventor on three issued patents and has authored over 155 journal papers among other research outputs. His work has been featured on PBS TV, Discovery Channel, Scientific American, National Geographic and other news media.

Dr. Rituparna Chakrabarti is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Biostructural Imaging of Neurodegeneration (BIN), Göttingen. Her primary research focus is to study the neurotransmitter release and understand the nanostructures of specialized sensory synapses, using some of the highest-resolution microscopes existing. She envisions starting her research group in the coming years.

Apart from spending countless hours behind electron micro­scope, Rituparna enjoys the interface of science, art and communication. She is currently the editor in chief at Club SciWri, and the founding member and post-doc representative at Göttingen Post-doc Community. Additionally, she started the CSG-CSW Weekly Newsletter with Kashyap Krishnasamy, Abhiyan Viplav and Somdatta Karak.

To unwind, she plays the mandolin and eagerly looks for a corner at a coffee house to slide herself in with a good read or company.

Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Saurav Guha, Ph.D., FACMG is an ABMGG board certified Clinical Molecular Geneticist and a Fellow of American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Currently, he is an Assistant Director of Clinical Laboratory at Counsyl, a genetic diagnostic company, South San Francisco.

Sayantan, ex Editor-in-Chief of ClubSciWri, is an IRTA postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute on Aging, NIH, Baltimore. A geneticist by training, he’s now exploring the realms of immunology and transcription factor dynamics in lymphocytes using quantitative microscopy intertwined with systems biology tools. He’s the Editor for NPR Office Hours and Friends of Joe’s Big Idea. As he grows, Sayantan looks forward to interacting and networking with fellow science communicators and outreach managers across the globe. Additionally, he serves the society as a Crisis Counselor with the 24/7 Crisis Text Line.

Dr. Syam Anand practices US and international patent law at Mainline Intellectual Property, Philadelphia, he founded in 2014. In 2017, he founded Durabird LLC to pursue his first patent-pending invention-long lasting natural feather shuttlecocks called Durabirds. In his free time he enjoys badminton, music, reading, gardening, and toying with new ideas in his basement laboratory. He is a rationalist and actively advocates applying scientific thinking and developing scientific temperament in all aspects of life. He also blogs for ClubSciWri on intellectual property, pseudoscience and ethics, and volunteers for various organizations. Since its founding, he is a VP for PhD CSG. He was the co-Chair of the very first STEMPeers meeting held in Boston in Sep, 2017. Since 2014, he also manages Mainline Badminton Club affiliated with Pennsylvania Badminton Association.

Vinita Bharat Ph.D. is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Department of Neurosurgery, Stanford University, USA. She had been an International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) Neuroscience student at European Neuroscience Institute, Goettingen, Germany. Other than enjoying ‘being a scientist’, she is passionate about science education and wants to connect science and the world together.

Presenting science in an easy and fun way is what she loves doing through her platform “Fuzzy Synapse” (one can find fuzzy synapse on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). She is a fun, enthusiastic and curious person, passionate about traveling, loves celebrations and bringing smiles around her.




Instagram: fuzzy_synapse

Viswanadham Duppatla ( ) is establishing MNR Foundation for Research and Innovations as a COO ( ).

Visu has graduated from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has a special interest in developing graduate’s

employability through virtual programs ( ). Presently he enjoys teaching MBBS, BDS, MD and MS students at MNR Campus, Sangareddy.

Ipsa Jain is a post-doctoral fellow at inStem, Bangalore. She is working with visual arts as a tool for science communication. She frequently scouts bookshops for children’s book and illustrated books. She aspires to make one someday. She gathers interestingness, tree trash, sand, seashells, and pebbles. She will be happy if you love her work, buy her work, share her work. Give love to Ipsawonders on Facebook and Instagram. As part of CSG outreach, she organizes science talks at local bookshop under the banner ScienceHigh. She previously was a frequent contributor to Sciwri as an illustrator and writer.

Roopsha Sengupta did her PhD at the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna and postdoctoral research at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge, UK, specializing in the field of Epigenetics. During her research, she was involved in many exciting discoveries, and had the privilege of working and collaborating with a number of inspiring scientists. She joined CSW as an editor in 2017, and enjoys the challenge of coherently presenting articles, while nudging authors to give their best. Besides science and words, she loves doodling, singing and spending time with children.

Eugenia Rojas, PhD is  Mexican neuroscientist who has always been deeply interested in neurobiology in particular neurodegeneration. She has recently moved to Boston with her husband, her daughter and her dog after living in Germany for 8 years where she completed her Masters (Charité Medical University of Berlin) and PhD (Humboldt University). She is passionate about communicating science to all audiences and following innovative research. Right now, she is a STEM instructor at The Innovation Institute in Boston. When Eugenia is not by the microscope or communicating science she likes to travel, discover new restaurants, go to concerts and bake. She also enjoys sports and loves relaxing with her family. You can contact her at

Awanti Sambarey, PhD, specializes in systems biology of infectious diseases, particularly tuberculosis. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is passionate about scientific outreach and the promotion of women in STEM. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking (weather permitting) and cooking. She is an avid reader, and loves all things Harry Potter. She is always up for endless conversation over a good cup of coffee! You can contact her at


Manasi Pethe, born and raised in Mumbai, she graduated with a PhD (Rutgers, New Jersey) studying the mechanisms and modulation of protease specificity. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher at The Scripps Research institute (California, USA) working on structure based vaccine design. She finds structural motifs that describe a protein extremely artistic. Color and the concept of order in chaos is what primarily drew her into science. She always struggled with art and science as being two different and taking up two different parts of her, until she joined the PhD #csginsta team. Being exposed to more diverse scientific literature, STEM news, image editing and sketching give her the best of those two worlds. Apart from finding a great group of people to discuss work, ethics, and posts – this group has given her a balance I strove to find but couldn’t reach – a balance between the arts and the science. You can contact her at

Tanmoy Samaddar did his PhD in molecular neuroscience from the University of Göttingen, Germany and at present is working in Alzheimer’s disease research in Bonn, Germany. He is deeply passionate about art, history and especially politics and could spend hours debating over a mug of steaming tea. His other interests lies in public speaking, reading, poetry and had been known to torment friends and foes alike with his (bad) jokes!

Sudesh Pawaria, PhD is an immunologist with a strong inclination towards understanding and treatment of human diseases. She has worked on Mycobacterial tuberculosis, cancer and is now doing translational research on lupus at UMASS Medical School. Apart from a strong research experience, she has gained valuable experience in leadership, teamwork and networking by being Vice-President of the University of Pittsburgh post-doc association (UPPDA) in the past and presently being the Co-Chair of the Industry Exploration Program at UMASS Medical School and Science Communicator at PhD Career Support Group (PhD CSG). She is looking to pursue a career in research and continue communicating science.


Subhash Kairamkonda, with a PhD in Drosophila behaviour, is passionate about everything and anything related to insects, spiders and photography. He documents and communicates natural history of insects and spiders through photography and videography. He is interested in practicing and communicating technologies for sustainable living. He will be using fruit flies for his postdoctoral research to understand signalling mechanisms during cancer. Apart from insects and photography he enjoys nature walks, traveling and watching movies. You can contact him at

Aditi Khandekar has a Ph.D. in Human and Molecular Genetics from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is currently pursuing a postdoc in cardiac genetics at Washington University in St. Louis. Training and mentoring junior scientists are most favorite part of her job, after the research itself. In her free time, Aditi likes reading about politics, dancing, choreography, painting and hiking.